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Gonzalo Mata

Sudoku - Final project C++

2 min read

Hi! This blog post is about make a review of all the work realized on the project in the last weeks of commits on GitHub, write, save compile and run code...


I'll explain to you how I found information to help me to do this stuff, so, besides to go of the teacher's office and search in google, I asked also to some friends (Jose Luís, Osvaldo, Fernando). And how's work with my partner Ale.

The first week working in the project was kind of hard because I didn't undertand the base code very well, so the first thing that I did was to write the "about sudoku" and "rules" functions because those are the easiest ones. Then, I went to the Ken`s office to ask about what does each function without the two that Ale wrote. After that, I started to write the "writenumbers" function asking to the user the line and the column where he/she wants to write the number of him/her choice (between 1 to 9). Inside this function I called two more functions; 1 to check line and column and the second to check each 3x3 grid. After we have that end, Ale added some colours to the menu options and I did it with the board making the original numbers in red, the 0's in the normal colour and the user numbers in green as is especified on the page of sudoku. The last thing that I did was the "restartsudoku" function (it is asked by ken as well).

Working with Ale is... I don't know, I think that she needs to have initiative and to know what is what we need to do and make a mentality that we need to do only the things that it is asked. In general was good because she got done everything that she has to do and when I did changes she inmediatly was asking me about how the changes works.



This is the link to my code at Github.