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I'm from Durango, México. The most important thing in the world for me is music, is my passion. I play piano and guitar, also I'm a compositor (lyrics and songs), the artist that I admire to play piano is Yiruma and my biggest achieve in the world will be meet Leonel García, because I admire all of his work as a musician.
I'm studying Mechatronic engineer, as every mechatronics in my gereration, because of Iron Man movies.
My hero in real life is my girlfriend, that sounds kind of weird but is true, I admire her so much, she's smart, is patient, dedicated, she's emotionaly strong and always has a smile in her face, no matter what. And also I've another hero but, it's in Ci-Fi, Iron Man.
My favorite author is: John Katzenbach, because I like the "thriller" books. He involves you a lot into history, and he doesn't have compassion in some books

Gonzalo Mata

WSQ12 - Greatest Common Divisor - C++

1 min read

For this WSQ there's some good information to know before to do this without ask to google or to do copy-paste from another classmate code, so... Here is the link that helped me to understand the concept of "Algoritmo de Euclides".

And if you have questions you can ask me or ask for the teacher that actually he helped me to do the GCD function with recursion.

Here´s my code from GitHub if you want to see my code.