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I'm from Durango, México. The most important thing in the world for me is music, is my passion. I play piano and guitar, also I'm a compositor (lyrics and songs), the artist that I admire to play piano is Yiruma and my biggest achieve in the world will be meet Leonel García, because I admire all of his work as a musician.
I'm studying Mechatronic engineer, as every mechatronics in my gereration, because of Iron Man movies.
My hero in real life is my girlfriend, that sounds kind of weird but is true, I admire her so much, she's smart, is patient, dedicated, she's emotionaly strong and always has a smile in her face, no matter what. And also I've another hero but, it's in Ci-Fi, Iron Man.
My favorite author is: John Katzenbach, because I like the "thriller" books. He involves you a lot into history, and he doesn't have compassion in some books

Gonzalo Mata

Quiz 10!

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Hello! Here's my  

I'll leave you here in my post some links that helped me to solve this. The first one was the reference from Ken's page available during our exams.

I did the quiz only with vectors and I'll do it with arrays soon and I'll upload it...


This one helped me to remember how to add values to a vector

This helped me to remember how to do some interesting things with vectors, is my video for mastery23 which is creation and use of vectors.

Also the reference that Ken already give us about dot Product if you don't remember it from Fisica remedial.


And finally here is my link to the code already in GitHub


Question 2


Here a picture with my terminal running the examples that Ken gave us in the post of the quiz: