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I'm from Durango, México. The most important thing in the world for me is music, is my passion. I play piano and guitar, also I'm a compositor (lyrics and songs), the artist that I admire to play piano is Yiruma and my biggest achieve in the world will be meet Leonel García, because I admire all of his work as a musician.
I'm studying Mechatronic engineer, as every mechatronics in my gereration, because of Iron Man movies.
My hero in real life is my girlfriend, that sounds kind of weird but is true, I admire her so much, she's smart, is patient, dedicated, she's emotionaly strong and always has a smile in her face, no matter what. And also I've another hero but, it's in Ci-Fi, Iron Man.
My favorite author is: John Katzenbach, because I like the "thriller" books. He involves you a lot into history, and he doesn't have compassion in some books

Gonzalo Mata

Cars !

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Hey!, finally I've done my wsq16 wich is about read file and do stuff with it. There's something that helped me a lot! and it is the code of Eduardo Tostado, you can check it; also the Ken's page about cpp reference which we can use it in exams helped to me a lot to do this WSQ and, of course the book. The chapter 15 explains ecerything about how to read files in code.


Here's my code at Github, enjoy!